重要なお知らせ/Important Announcements!

いよいよAIU祭が明後日から開催されます!そして明日には初の試みとなる前夜祭、プロム💛が行われます(詳しくはFacebookページをご覧ください https://www.facebook.com/events/267318873889998/ )



1. 芝生のメインステージは撤去
→二日間とも舞台企画はSuda Hallで行われます。

2. キャンプファイヤーは中止
→キャンプファイヤー中のステージ企画はSuda Hallで行いますが、火は使いません。

3. 初日、露店街はカフェテリアで行う。二日目の場所は天候判断の後に決定。

また、皆さんが楽しみにしているパックンマックンの講演会についての情報は随時AIU祭のFacebook Page(https://www.facebook.com/aiufestival/)上で更新します。ご確認ください!

Hello, everyone We are the 15th AIU festival committee.

Finally, only 2 days till AIU festival! Moreover, tomorrow we will have an event on the Eve of AIU festival like a prom💛 for the first time in 15 years
Please look at the Facebook page for further info about the prom https://www.facebook.com/events/267318873889998/

However, I have bad news…

A typhoon is a heading to Akita and it will reach Akita on the first day of AIU festival, October 7th (Sun).

Therefore, in order to secure safety, there are three changes for the festival.

1. The main stage outside has been change to Suda Hall.
→All events supposed to be held on the main stage outside will be held in Suda Hall for two the days of the festival.
→We will use a different schedule for rainy days, and the time will change to some extent. Please check the schedule below or the Facebook page. (https://www.facebook.com/aiufestival/)
2. The Camp Fire (Bon Fire) has been cancelled.
→The stage activities during Camp Fire will be held in Suda Hall.

3. On the first day, the food stands will be held at the cafeteria. As for the second day, the student affairs will decide where they will be at 8am on Monday.
→To prevent the tents from being blown away, we will not use them on the first day.

Moreover, as for the special guest event, we will inform in detail on the AIU festival Facebook Page. (https://www.facebook.com/aiufestival/)

Thank you!

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