SNSいいね争奪戦 in AIU Festival Who will get most like in AIU Festival

各SNS上(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)で、#aiufestival2018とタグ付けて投稿した人の中から、「いいね」を一番多く獲得した人に景品を渡します!


10/7 0:00~10/8 23:59のAIU祭期間中に投稿されたものが対象となります!



投稿する際には #aiufestival2018をタグ付けすることをお忘れなく!

On SNS like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can get a small prize if you get the most likes out of everyone who posts with the hashtag #aiufestival2018 !!

This event ends 10/7 0:00~10/8 23:59!!! You have to post within that time to win the prize.

Let”s share fun or funny moments, or any other great moments you have experienced!

Anyone can join, so please participate in this event!

Do not forget to put hashtag #aiufestival2018 when you post something!