君の色は。/ Your color.

10/7 10:00-

今年のEAP企画は、「君の色は。~Your color.~」をテーマに、各EAPクラスが自分たちのクラスカラーを映し出したパフォーマンスを披露します。入学してからこれまでの各クラスのストーリーを詰め込んだ4分間のパフォーマンス、彼ら自身の思い出とともに、歌やダンスで皆さんも楽しめること間違いなし。是非、彼らの彩るAIUライフを覗きに来てください!

The theme of this year’s EAP project in AIU festival 2018 is “Your color.” Each EAP class will show their colors by singing and dancing, and you will see the stories of their lives at AIU. Their memories and performances will definitely make you excited. Please don’t miss their colorful performances!

Aerial Blue~天高く、宙返る秋~

10/7 11:00-,  10/8 10:45-

XMA (Extreme Martial Arts) とは、体操・格闘技(テコンドーやカポエイラなど)・ブレイクダンスなどの動きを組み合わせ、BGMに合わせて演技を行うアクロバットパフォーマンスです。5人のパフォーマーがそれぞれの ”Color” を発揮し、旋風脚やバク宙、コークスクリューなど、異次元のトリックを次々と繰り出します。息つく間もない衝撃と感動の連続に、ぜひ酔いしれてくださいませ。

XMA (Extreme Martial Arts) is an acrobatic performance which combines the essence of gymnastics, martial arts and Break-dance Beat. With the various “colors” the five performers have, we will show you magnificent tricks and combos. Our tornado kick, backflip, and corkscrew will definitely fascinate you! Be sure to see performance, or you will be missing out on an incredible show!

Painting the Stage

10/7 11:10-

こんにちは!X overです!私たちは新たなアートの可能性を探求し、ステージを作りあげる総合アート集団です。具体的には音楽、ダンス、イラスト、メイクなど様々な分野を複合したエンターテインメントをお届けします。新感覚でセンセーショナルなステージをお楽しみあれ!

Hello! We are X over! We explore a brand new style of art by combining many fields of entertainment such as music, dance, illustration, and make-up. Our goal is to put on an innovative and sensational performance! Please check it out!

手話ソングパフォーマンス/ Sing Song Performance

10/7 11:30-


Hello, everyone. We are AIU Sign Language Club. This year, we will be performing sign language songs at the school festival. You may not be familiar with sign language, but we are sure the performance will make you excited to discover the world of sign. Some songs will be presented as a chorus, and some will be in smaller groups. It is also interesting to see the difference in the member’s movements, as each have their own expressions and feelings. Enjoy our visible language with ear-catching sounds!

Kimono Contest in AIU Festival

10/7 11:45-


We’ll demonstrate how to wear Kimono and tie Obi during our performance, and local kids will join us. We promise that you will enjoy the brilliant show! Don’t miss it!!

お姉さんを救え!/ Let’s rescue the lady!

10/7 12:05-


ONE, a princess and the Color Rangers go on a picnic. But villains suddenly show up and kidnapped the princess. Can ONE and the Color Rangers save her? Let’s save the princess by singing, dancing, and answering quizzes. This event is for children.

ヤートセ演舞 in AIU/ Akita Yatose Performance in AIU

10/7 13:05-, 10/8 11:55-


We are going to perform our original song, “Fly-to!,” and “Iyasaka Akita,” a yosakoi song which incorporates Akita folk music. “Iyasaka Akita” will be performed with another local team, and we will also dance a simple yosakoi song with the audience. Please come and enjoy our performance!

Dance Virus Jr.   

10/7 13:30- @Suda Hall

Dance Parade

10/7 16:20- D棟C棟から出発、学生会館2階レクリエーションスペースに到着

(Starts from D Building, C Building,  and finishes at Student Hall Second Floor)

10/8 16:30- @露店街(Food Stands)


Hello. We are AIU Dance Club! We are going to have a dance showcase (day 1) and dance parade (both days).

We have prepared great performances for the festival, and we promise you will have a lot of fun watching them. Please come join us, and we will enjoy the AIU festival together!

絆を試せ!団体対抗!/ Show your teamwork!

10/7  14:00-







In this event, 6 clubs will play a fun, crazy game.

They will show their KIZUNA (bonds) by cooperating with their teammates.

You might even get to see a typical Japanese penalty.

The games they will be playing are black box, fast eating game, whisper game with music, and more.

If you want to know more about the event, COME AND JOIN US!!

Support your favorite clubs!!!

 ふれあい竿燈 @Suda Hall

10/7 15:10-

竿燈パフォーマンス/ Kanto Performance

10/8 14:35-15:05,  18:35-18:55

@Suda Hall前

こんにちは、国際教養大学竿燈会です。私たちは、今年も学祭で竿燈演技を披露いたします。竿燈まつりは260年以上の歴史を持つ、毎年8月に行われる秋田の伝統行事です。夏の本祭を見に行くことができなかった方も、竿燈演技に興味がある方も、竿燈を初めて見る方も、ぜひAIU Festivalへいらしてください。全員が一丸となって、パワー全開で学祭を盛り上げていきます。

Hello, we are AIU Kanto team. We are going to give a Kanto performance during AIU Festival. Kanto Festival is an Akita tradition, which is held from August 3rd to the 6th every year, and has a history that dates back over 200 years. Those who won’t be able to see the festival this year, want to see Kanto again, or don’t know what Kanto is, please come to AIU Festival and enjoy the performance.

AIU Rock Band Club Live

10/7 16:10- @Suda Hall

10/8 16:55- @Suda Hall

Mini Live 9:00-15:30 @Mini Stage

Suda Hallやミニステージで様々なジャンルの曲を演奏します。見に来てください。

We will play various songs on Suda Hall and Mini Stage. Please come and enjoy!

夜を彩る色男 今夜はみんなで空騒ぎ!/ Festival night! Release your hidden color!

10/7  18:10-

大人企画「夜を彩る色男 今夜はみんなで空騒ぎ!」では、お祭りピーポー決定戦、フィーリングカップルの二大企画を通して普段は見られないAIU生の本性を探ります!お祭りピーポー決定戦ではそんな祭りに熱い人たちが集まって苛酷なゲームを通してより熱いお祭りピーポーを決定!! フィーリングカップルでは男女が集まって熱い一夜を共にします!面白いものが見られること間違いなし!ぜひ見に来てください!

In the project “Festival night! Release your hidden color!”, we have two main events: OMATSURI people contest and feeling couple. In OMATSURI people contest, through a series of rigorous games, we will find the one true OMATSURI (festival) person at AIU. In feeling couple, boys and girls will come together for one intense, passionate night through a series of games. They will both be a lot of fun, so please come and see the hottest events at AIU festival!


A Capella Live

10/7 14:30- @Mini Stage

10/8  15:15- @Suda Hall

こんにちは、AIUアカペラ部あいうです♪私たちは毎セメスターに一度開催している「A Cappella Paradise」(通称ペラパラ)を中心に、 様々なバンドが活動しています!ところでみなさんはアカペラとは何かご存じですか?アカペラとは、楽器を使わずに人の声のみで演奏する音楽を指します。いつも朝から晩まで学内に響き渡るアカペラ部あいうの歌声、ぜひ生で聞きに来てくださいね!

Hello, we’re AIU A Cappella Club! This club is pretty big among AIU club and circles; there are more than 40 members and many different kinds of bands. We have a big gig called A Cappella Paradise (we usually call it PellaPara) once a semester. All the bands have worked very hard to prepare, and our voices resound throughout campus every day from morning to night… we hope you all come and listen to our performances. Enjoy!



10/7  16:00-16:45

@Mini Stage



Hi! We’re going to perform 5 popular songs at mini stage!

We hope you enjoy our music!!


AIU World Cup 2018

10/8  10:00-

@Suda Hall





For the first time in AIU history, we have assembled the best of the best from around the world. Three teams made up of international students will compete for honor and prestige in a battle of wits and brawn. Europe, Asia, The America x Oceania…who will prove to be the most knowledgeable in everything Japanese? Don’t miss this jaw-dropping, eye-popping showdown!!!


Hawaiian Hula Dance

10/8  10:55-

@Suda Hall

今回の舞台では、Holoholoka’a, To you Sweet Heart Aloha,そしてハレイワフラを踊る予定です!
Holoholoka’aは恋人とデートに行ったけれどガソリンが切れてしまう!というお茶目な曲、To you sweet t heart alohaは、恋人との別れ、愛を歌った切ない曲、そしてハレイワフラはハレイワの土地への愛を歌った曲です。



We’ll dance to Holoholoka’a, To You Sweet Heart Aloha and Haleiwa Hula. Holoholoka’a is a playful upbeat song about lovers who go for a drive together, but run out of gas along the way (lol). To You Sweet Heart Aloha is a song about two lovers that have to kiss each other goodbye. Haleiwa Hula is a song about people’s love for the land of Haleiwa. Every movement in hula dance has a meaning, so you should definitely pay close attention!

カラオケ大会/ Karaoke Contest 2018

10/8 11:10-

@Suda Hall




All well-known singers at AIU will gather at this contest, and they will battle through song to decide who is the best!!

Their voices will surely resonate with everyone, so please come and choose the best singers at AIU!!!


Mr. & Ms. AIU 2018

10/8  13:00-

@Suda Hall








AIU Ms. And Mr. Contest is coming back this year!!

There will be many beautiful women and men, wearing gorgeous tuxedos and dresses…who will you choose?

Please come to Suda Hall to choose the best-looking man and woman, and enjoy this wonderful time with us!!!



10/8  14:00-

@Suda Hall


Do you wanna join the BINGO game presented by the GM team? You will have lots of chances to win luxurious prizes! The best prize is a pair of tickets to one of Japan’s famous theme parks, but we have prepared many other good ones as well!! Anyone who comes to the AIU festival can join “BINGO!”, so don’t miss this big chance! The game will be held on October 8th, starting at 2 pm. The event was a extremely popular last year, so it is sure to be a lot of fun. Please join us!




10/8  19:20-

@Suda Hall







The climax of the AIU festival is… fireworks!!

See beautiful fireworks light up the dark night, with your friends, senpais, or someone you love … <3

What kind of memories will you make during these 2 days? We are sure they will be amazing, so please join us, and we will make unforgettable memories together!

This is the amazing finale for this great festival. You cannot afford to miss Japanese traditional fireworks.

Why don’t you enjoy the end of the festival by gazing at fireworks in the night sky?



The Harmony of Our Colors 12期だよ!全員集合!

10/8 19:45-

@Suda Hall

4年生がコミカルに歌って踊ります! 老体に鞭を打って頑張ります!なんと今年は80名を超えたメンバーで作り上げた一舞台!全員の才能を集結させた、12期生らしい色をお見せします!ぜひご覧あれ!!

Over 80 Senior students get together and create incredible entertainment for you! All our talent adds so many unique colors to this show, so please don’t miss it!!