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    スペシャル講演会のお知らせ/An Announcement about Special Guests & Event!

    スペシャル講演会 at AIU 祭

    こんにちは、AIU 祭まで34日ですね!本日は重大発表があります!

    AIU 祭 15 回目を記念して、なんと芸人のパックンマックンさんが AIU 祭で講演会をしに来てくれます!講演タイトルは「自分を動かす、人を動かす、世界を動かす」 です。

    パックンマックンさんの国際色豊かなトークが AIU 祭を盛り上げてくれるでしょう。みなさんのご来場お待ちしております!


    日時:2018年10月7日(日)13:00- (開場12:30)

    会場:国際教養大学 D棟コベルコホール

    〒010-1292 秋田県秋田市雄和椿川字奥椿岱


    ※当日朝10時より総合案内所にて整理券を配布致します(先着 250 名)

    講師紹介: 1997年に共通の知人の紹介で知り合い、パックンマックンを結成。日米お笑いコ ンビのパイオニア。結成21年。「爆笑オンエアバトル」で頭角を現し、「ジャスト」 でお茶の間に浸透。現在は情報番組や英語にまつわる教育バラエティをはじめ、テレ ビやラジオ、イベントで活躍。

    Hello, we have an important announcement today! Since we are celebrating our 15th anniversary of AIU festival, the comedy duo “Pakkun Makkun” will come on the first day of the AIU festival and give a lecture! Their lecture will definitely invigorate AIU festival this year, so please check it out!

    [Details] Date & Time: October 7th, 2018 13:00- (Opens 12:30)

    Place: AIU D building Kobelco hall

    Fee: Free (Numbered ticket* is necessary to enter)

    ※We will distribute the numbered tickets at the information center from 10 am on the day of the event (tickets distributed to the first 250 arrivals.)

    Lecturer: Pakkun Makkun, first formed in 1997, is the first comedy group to consist of a Japanese and an American. They first became known for their appearance on NHK’s “Bakusho On-Air Battle.” Currently, they are active in TV shows, radios, and events related to English.


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    70 days until AIU Fes!

    秋田も快晴が続き、夏らしくなってきました☀皆さま くれぐれも体調にはお気をつけてお過ごしください!

    Time flies so fast…it’s already 70 days till the AIU festival!!
    As the spring semester has finally ended, members of the AIU festival committee are preparing steadily for the grand event!
    Today’s picture was drawn by two international students with lovely smiles. They kindly shared their homemade sweets too!!
    The weather in Akita has been shining for the past few days☀ We hope you take care of yourselves, regardless of the weather!

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    100 days until AIU Fes!






    It is exactly 100 days until AIU Festival!

    100 day seems long, but it goes by fast…

    We, members of the AIU Festival committee, are working hard towards the festival! This photo was taken on undoukai, or sports day, done by committee members.

    We made the number 100 and strengthened our unity!

    We will continue to post useful information on this website and SNS, so make sure not to miss ’em!