Executive Department

Opening Ceremony

Welcome to the 18th AIU Festival! Hello! This is the opening ceremony that marks the start of the AIU festival!

This project begins with greetings from the president, student president, and AIU festival committee chairperson, and is the centerpiece of the opening ceremony! At the end, we will announce the opening of the festival and launch balloons!

Everyone who participates in the project online will enjoy the live streaming of the opening ceremony held locally.

Let's raise our mood together for the upcoming two-day AIU festival!

[Location]: Kobelco Hall

* Only those who have made a reservation to participate in the project in advance can enter.[

[Agenda for Opening Ceremony]

  1. Opening words
  2. Welcome from the President
  3. Greetings from the student president
  4. Greetings from the executive committee chairman
  5. Opening ceremony program
  6. Declaration of opening festival (balloon launch)
  7. Closing words