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食生活覗き見レポート -AIU Students Eating Habits Report!-

食生活覗き見レポート -AIU Students Eating Habits Report!-

How do AIU students, most of whom live away from their parents, make themselves full in Akita?

How do they get food? Are there places to eat on campus? Do they eat out? We asked four AIU students to answer these questions and more!


In the case of N, a first-year student living in Tsubaki Village

Q. What do you eat for breakfast?

A. Most of the time, I eat a calorie mate. On weekends, I eat at the cafeteria.

Q. What do you eat for lunch?

A. I eat cafeteria food for lunch and dinner.

Editor’s memo


It's like a school cafeteria where you can get a nutritious and balanced meal for about 440 yen per meal!

You can choose your favorite meal from three different menus.

There is also a vegetarian menu for every meal, so even if you are a vegetarian, don't worry!

Most first-year students eat their meals here because it is mandatory for them to purchase a meal plan (for 3 meals a day) for the first year after enrollment.

Please note that during Golden Week, summer vacation, etc., you will need to purchase a separate meal plan!

You can even request your favorite menu!


Q. Do you eat between meals?

A. Yes, I sometimes eat snacks from my friends. Sometimes I eat at night!

I eat cup noodles or oatmeal. ...... I buy them at Aeon or MaxValue!

Editor’s memo

★Aeon Mall Akita

It takes about 15 minutes from the campus to get there by bus.

It is a popular place among AIU students to buy not only food but also clothing, medicine, accessories, daily sundries, and interior

...... goods of all kinds.

It's also a great place to go out to eat, as there are plenty of restaurants and cafes!

Q. 食生活で気をつけていることはありますか?

A. I try not to skip meals!


In the case of H, a second-year student living in Global Village Single (single room)

Q. What do you eat for breakfast?

A. If I have time, I eat tofu, but there are times when I don't even eat lol. I usually wake up 15 minutes before my morning class (from 9:00), so sometimes I go to class without eating. Sleep is more important than food for me.

Q. What do you eat for lunch?

A. I eat leftovers from the previous night's dinner or something I cooked myself.

Q. What do you eat for dinner?

A. I eat what I cooked by myself.

Q. How do you purchase ingredients for your own cooking?

A. I use the Co-op once a week. It is my lifeline lol.

Q. Do you eat out?

A. I eat out about once a month. I go to the Akita Station area, to Aeon, and also to Eira!

Editor’s memo


A Nepalese restaurant right next to the campus.

It provides curry and various flavors of naan.

You can order hors d'oeuvres or take out your curry!

Many AIU students have patronized this restaurant because of the student discount.


In the case of E, a second-year student living in Global Village Double(double room)

Q. What do you eat for breakfast?

Basically, I don't eat lol. I sleep until just before classes. When I am hungry, I eat frozen takoyaki (octopus dumplings) or fried food.

Q. What do you eat for lunch?

I make my own lunch, buy rice balls at the AIU store, or eat at the college café. I eat various kinds of food depending on my mood. I like onigiri with takana!

Editor’s memo

★AIU Shop

This is a small store located in the student hall. Here you can buy everything you need for life on campus, from the ever-popular ice cream to snacks, drinks, instant noodles, stationery, AIU-specific goods, shampoo, detergent, sanitary products, and garbage bags.

The most noteworthy of all is the onigiri (rice balls), sold in limited quantities on weekdays!

★AIU Onigiri

These onigiris are available at the AIU store, which everyone loves.

Habanro Karaage (deep-fried chickens)

Tatsuta Karaage

Aurora Karaage

Shishamo kikurage


Salmon Mayo

Saba (mackerel)

etc... you can eat freshly made, warm onigiri every day.

Many people gather at the AIU store to buy onigiri at lunchtime, and it is not unusual for the store to be sold out by midday.

★College Cafe

Located in the student hall, the café is a place where you can enjoy a wide variety of daily lunches, sandwiches, coffee, etc. Every day different menus are offered.

Along with delicious snacks, some AIU students do their assignments inside the café or talk with international students on the terrace.

Q. What do you eat for dinner?

A. Basically, we eat food prepared in our rooms.

Q. You live in a double room. How do you prepare meals?

A. I discuss this with Roomie, and we take turns cooking meals during the week. We go to AEON once a week to get food. We share a common wallet and use it to pay for our meals!

Report ④

In the case of K, a third-year student living off-campus

Q. What do you eat for breakfast?

A. I would like to eat breakfast ...... lol

Q. What do you eat for lunch?

A. I buy onigiri (rice balls) at the store, or I make something to eat after I go home. I often combine something with rice. I make Doria, loco moco donburi, and many other things!

Q. What do you eat for dinner?

A. I make and eat my own dinner as well. I eat pasta or an omelet!

Q. Do you eat a night's meal?

A. Sometimes I do. That is why I go to Yamaoka-ya late at night. Although it is not a night meal, I enjoy exploring restaurants in the neighborhood.

Editor’s memo


Ramen Yamaoka-ya is a 15-minute drive from campus. It is open 24 hours a day, so it is frequently used by AIU students who want to eat ramen not only during the daytime but also late at night.

It's a brief moment of youth that you can savor in your busy AIU life every day. ......!

Thank you for reading this far.

AIU students work hard every day for their classes, assignments, and extracurricular activities.

Cooking for yourself is also attractive because you can eat what you want to eat.

I hope I can ease the anxiety of AIU students and their parents who are worried about the food situation at AIU or parents of AIU students who are worried about their children's eating habits, even if only a little.