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「あたしに任せて! みんなの創造を描き出してみせるから!」

Welcome from the President

President of AIU

Monte Cassim

Welcoming our Guests

AIU’s Annual University Festival, 2021

Autumn in Japan is a time when the exuberance of youth can be seen in the myriad of university festivals. We are happy to welcome you to AIU’s festival today, where we have also been able to accommodate face-to-face encounters unlike last year, when it was only held online. On behalf of the university community, I wish to thank all of you who have come here today. Your presence is most encouraging to our young scholars. My appreciation also goes to those of you, from both within and outside the university, who have helped our students become exemplary representatives of society. Their efforts, both scholastic and cultural can be seen in the activities they will be sharing with you. I do hope you will find them interesting and entertaining and request your continued guidance.

Akita is indeed a beautiful location and our residential campus draws students from all over Japan as well as from overseas. Our curricular reforms have raised the bar of expectation from these young scholars and I must say that they have responded well. However, today is an occasion to rejoice. In Japan, autumn is said to be the season when the sky is high and the bounties of the late summer harvests have started to fatten the horses. Soon the landscape will be transformed with the leaves changing to the vibrant colors of Japan’s spectacular fall, enjoyed by all. These happy occasions are, nevertheless, precursors of the preparation for the rigors of the cold winters of northeast Japan. 

What, then, does the joyous celebration of AIU’s university festival prepare our young scholars for? I believe it prepares them for life, where the pendulum can swing between hardship and happiness. It brings them together to plan, execute and enjoy the fruits of creative endeavor. There is even greater joy in that they can share these outcomes with all of you. All of this will surely give them the fortitude to endure when things do not go as planned. COVID-19 has tested them and I am proud to say that they have responded brilliantly. Despite restrictive protocols, they planned this festival as a small but meaningful window of hope, symbolic of happier times.

Let the music, laughter and performances wash over you! I sincerely hope you will enjoy the program that AIU’s student body has prepared for you. Thank you ever so much for sharing your time with us today.

Monte Cassim


The chairperson of 18th AIU Festival Committee

Tatsuya KAWANO

I am Tatsuya KAWANO, the chairperson of the 18th AIU Festival Committee.

Thank you for participating in the 18th AIU Festival today.

The 18th AIU Festival will be held in parallel as the first attempt, and as with last year, not only online content that everyone can enjoy, but also local projects will be prepared for our students and faculty members.

Unfortunately, to prevent the coronavirus infection, projects that will be held at the university this year are limited to those who are on campus. We sincerely hope that this event will be the first step of holding a university festival that can invite customers from all over the world to the university from the next year onward.

Unlike the AIU festival that is held only locally every year, online festival has a big advantage that you can enjoy projects "anytime, anyone, from anywhere" during the time. We are also preparing live streaming in addition to exhibition project, so please enjoy the AIU Festival.

Every year, the AIU Festival is held grandly with the support of many people. We hope your continued support of the AIU Festival.

Again, thank you for joining us today. I think there are many points that cannot be reached, but please enjoy the AIU Festival created by the students with the cooperation of the local people and faculty members!