AIU Festival 2022
Information -案内所-

Information -案内所-

Reception for 9th and 10th

On the event day, you will be taken to the reception booth at the main entrance, where your name will be verified after your temperature has been accepted and disinfected. Only the person who has made the reservation will be allowed to enter.

We kindly ask each visitor to fill out the form once for each person.

Reception Hours

10/9(日) 9:30-16:30
10/10(月・祝) 9:30-17:30

Precautions for Online Participation

When you participate in AIU festival online, please check and follow the instructions in video below.

Japanese Version

English Version

In the video, Zoom is introduced as a way to reach us on the day of the AIU festival. We, however, do not open the Zoom session, and instead, we are going to answer your questions on the chat that is the lower right corner of the page. Please feel free to contact us!

The Place of Rest Space

The rest space is D105 classroom (first floor in D building). Feel free to take a rest there!

Brochure Downloader

Please press the button below to download AIU festival brochure.

About Your Pets

Pets are allowed to come together to the campus during the festival. The space for pets where owners can give them water would be set in front of the B building. However, please do not enter any building with pets.


★Questions About The Pre-registration

Q: Is it allowed to bring my child with me?

A: You are more than welcome to! However, you will be required to fill in the form for your child, regardless of age.

Q: Is it possible for one representative to fill out the pre-registration form for all the entrants?

A: Yes. However, EACH visitor will be required to fill out one pre-registration form.

Q: What if I don’t have several email addresses for pre-registration?

A: Please use the same e-mail address for family visitors.

★Questions About The Participation in The Festival

Q:What kinds of events will take place in the AIU festival?

A:There are a lot of unique enterprises such as kanto performance and mock classes by AIU fantastic professors. Also, you can enjoy some enterprises on the AIU festival 2022 official website all the day. Please check the detailed information on the pamphlet put at the reception desk and/or information center, or “Chart of projects” page on the AIU festival 2022 official website.

Q:Where can I get the YouTube Live links? 

A:The YouTube Live links are attached to the “Broadcast” page on the AIU festival 2022 official website.

Q:When I watch YouTube Live, will my personal information be released on the Internet?

A:If you watch the YouTube Live with your Google account, please check your account’s setting. If your account name is G-mail address or your real name, and if your profile picture is your real face, other participants will know your personal information. Please change them beforehand.

Q:Can I join the YouTube Live without YouTube account?

A:You can watch the YouTube Live streaming without any problems, although there are some limitations. For example, you cannot use the comment function.

Q:Can I see the YouTube Live archives after the AIU festival?

A:We do not plan to archive the YouTube Live, so if you miss the Live, you will not be able to view it again. We appreciate your understanding.