AIU Festival 2022
Street stall Information -露店情報-

Street stall Information -露店情報-

Stall Contest

A stall contest will be held for all students’ organizations (excluding external organizations), and the best three will be decided by voting by AIU students and all customers! There are also gorgeous prizes for the award group, so please vote for it!

How to Vote

Please bring a pamphlet to the contest booth (headquarters). According to the instructions of the contest team members, cut the voting ticket in the back page of the pamphlet, write the number of the stall to vote on, and put it in the ballot box.

* Voting is limited to once per person during the 2 days of the festival.
* Proxy voting (bringing two pamphlets) is not possible
* No interim announcement of points
* It is not possible to vote for your own stall 

Street stall Map

You can eat at C Building 2F, cafeteria, and outside (between L and D Building).Please eat in silence.

Part of menu can be changed.

Outdoor food stands will be cancelled in the case of stormy weather.

Street stall List

D Building 201. Sudachi Café

No sales of food and drink. We will offer a place where parents gather and share information with tea and sweets.

D Building 103. Hand in hand! Kaibigan!

Come and see our fascinating fair-trade products from the Philippines, each of which is full of uniqueness!!

① Kawabe Yuwa Men’s Society of
Commerce and Industry

Enjoy Kawabe Yuwa Street Corn with original seasoning.

② Shindo Reika

Flavorful seafood yakisoba based on Oga's traditional seasoning Shottsuru

③ HANAWA Shibarakuya

Hanawa Momoya Hormon has been in business since 1958. Please enjoy the rich flavor of Aomori garlic and authentic Korean chili peppers, tender braised hormone, and tender braised beef tendon.If you wish, we will offer you toppings of Kimchi from Kimchi House Masitta for beautiful skin.

④ Curry House Boo

We are offering traditional Japanese curry. We prepare popular menus at this time. Please try them!


The Super Seniors will show you the REAL fried potatoes! We call it Frites.

⑥ Chillwe Kitchen

The best crispy cheese stick, and the shiratama mochi with red beans paste

⑦ Kushiya-San

We are Kushiya-San from EAP1A 2021!! Please enjoy tasty Grilled Chicken and S’more with sticks!

⑧ The unknown yatai

AIU Global Village presents! Brought to you by room A103’s special menu. Do not leave here without tasting this! Soul food good enough for any student, ONLY at A103!

⑨ AKITAcos

You’re getting hangry!? Come to eat tacos!

⑩ Basketball Club’s Food Stand

We are basketball club! Wanna have fried chicken? Yes!? Then visit us!! We are selling fried chicken at 300yen.

⑪ Muscle Kitchen

These are very healthy hotdog which strong men provide. Your body can be ideal by eating them!!

⑫ From Ceylon
with Love

If you are tired of the AIU festival, our marvellous tea and coffee will refresh you?

⑬ Hot Guy’s Churros

GPIAS is offering freshly made, hot, and tempting churros! Come and try it with your favorite seasoning!

⑭ Hutan

Make a TAKOSEN to your own taste with optional toppings! Let’s do a super spicy food challenge with Indonesian sambal!

⑮ Torippi

Volleyball club is offering delicious yakitori. Please come visit and eat!!!

⑯ International Gastronomy

Enjoy Canadian famous food (Poutines), Peruvian Soda(Inca kolas), and Swiss Cuisine (Rösti)🌟

⑰ SRTeats

The famous delivery service is coming to AIU!? Enjoy Korean street foods, Hotteoks (honey and Red beans ), pancakes and drinks!

⑱ Matcha Matcha

Enjoy the excellent matcha which is made by the tea ceremony club.

AUWA’s Damako Nabe

It is an Akita’ local cuisine and originated in the Edo era. It is a sponge made from dry Sponge Cucumber.

Booth for Literary Magazine “Logos”

The first club literary magazine “Logos” will be sold at the AIU Festival! Enjoy the creativity of AIU students!

㉑ House of Uniqo

Original goods sold just at the 19th AIU Festival! Get our goods and become a member of AIU community!

㉒ Shoot’em up ONE!!

Shooting game with rubber band pistol, many kids were playing in old days.