花より団子! 月より月見団子!

Women’s League of Kawabe-Yuwa Societies of Commerce and Industry
Our Kiritampo, Udon, Soba, and Fish-shaped Pancakes are the taste of Akita! They are delicious!

2 河辺雄和商工会青年部
Youth League of Kawabe-Yuwa Societies of Commerce and Industry
Pan-fried noodles and Wiener Sausage will certainly be sold out fast. Don’t miss them!!

3 有限会社 進藤冷菓Shindo Food Company
進藤冷菓オリジナルのかき氷。秋田に降る粉雪のように軽くやわらかな新食感。Original ice shaving. A new and soft taste like powder snow in Akita

4 カレーハウス・ブー
Curry House BOO
Our kiritampo with originally blended soup is special! You can enjoy a wide variety of other meals too, including beef tongue from Sendai

Hanawa Shibarakuya Pig Entrails
Akita’s special pig offal entrails tenderly stewed with Japanese garlic source.

6 児玉冷菓
Kodama Reika
夏の秋田の風物詩、ババヘラアイス! おばさんの愛の籠ったアイス、今年もいかが?
Seasonal food in Akita, Babahera ice cream! Please enjoy our heartful ice cream this time!

7 トルコおじさんのチャイ
Chai Chai
本場のトルコの茶葉を使ったチャイティーラテやミルクティーを提供します!Do you wanna try Turkish Chai? We have Chai Tea Latte and Tapioca Milk Tea!!

8 チキンキッチン。
Chicken Kitchen
今年も売ります、バスケ部のからあげ! 部員お手製の味玉もどうぞ!
Basketball Club is welcoming you with fried chicken and seasoned eggs!

9 AIUのわたあめ屋さん
Cotton Candy Factory
We sell fluffy and sweet cotton candy!!

10 わが家は焼き鳥屋さん
My house is Grilled Chicken Shop
ソフトテニス部が魂込めてお届けする焼き鳥! これを食べなきゃ学祭は終われない!
A soft tennis club is offering Grilled Chicken! Don’t miss it!

Our soup uses lots of organic vegetables we had grown with local farmers. Come enjoy Akita local food here : )

12 ミスターバナナ
Mr. Bananas
As a junior high school student, we never thought of ourselves doing this, but in fact, we are still chocobanana-ing.

13 タイガズ オニオンリング
Tiger’s onion rings
アツアツ揚げたてオニオンリングを作ります!!! ぜひ食べてみてください!
Come and eat our crispy onion rings!

14 Fantastic トッポギ
Fantastic Toppogi
Enjoy Mochimochi rice cake with melting cheese!

15 男のチュロス
Hot Guy’s Churros
Come and taste our super delicious churros cooked by AIU’s super handsome boys???

16 SRTチヂミハウス
SRT Korean Pancake House
小腹がすいた! 塩っけが欲しい! そんな貴方にSRTが贈る絶品チヂミ、ぜひご賞味あれ。
Are you feeling hungry? Do you want to have salty food? Here is Korean Pancake for you, offered by SRT!

Brother’s hot dog
毎年大好評のラグビー部のホットドッグです! ホッカホカのホットドッグをお試しあれ!
The rugby club is offering delicious hot dogs!!
Please try it!!

18 雄和のりんごは空を飛ぶ ~飛ばねえりんごはただのリンゴ~
Yuwa Apple in the sky ~Apple which doesn’t fly is just an ordinary apple~毎年恒例、パイプ委員会のリンゴのコンポート。今年はジュールも売っちゃいます。
Pipe Committee’s apple compote is almost a staple of AIU festival. You can’t miss it!

19 タピオカ ~君がくれた愛しい日々~
Tapioca ~The loving days I spent with you~
3Dのタピオカはいかがですか? もちもちの食感をぜひ堪能しに来てください!
Come and enjoy3D’s chewy Tapioca drinks!

20 うちらのへるしぃお月見どうなつ
Our Healthy Moon Viewing Donuts
You like sweet stuff but wanna be healthy??? Then this soy donut is made for YOU!!!

21 タコ焼きんぐ
King of Octopus Balls
たこ焼き オーソドックスなマヨ&ソースとねぎポン酢 4個入り 200円
Tastes are mayo with traditional sauce, and welsh onion with orange-based vinegar, Set of 4 for ¥200

22 えすぺ屋さん
Enjoy the taste of melted chocolate and marshmallows with crispy biscuits!

23 さくとろ、ぴりり。 ~柚子胡椒薫る大人の蛸煎~
Yuzu-flavored Takosen
ありふれた日常にささやかな刺激を。ピリッと柚子胡椒薫大人の蛸煎お試しあれ。Just another day but with a bit more excitement.
Try our spicy Yuzu-flavored Takosen.

24 バドミントン部
Badminton Club
Enjoy hot Chinese dumplings with your favorite flavor like ponzu and chili sesame oil!

25ナチョ取物語 ~月見のお供はナチョスの時代~
Nachos Gravity ~Once you see the moon, you want Nachos~
新時代に月見のお供はナチョスに決まり! 令和最初の十六夜にナチョスはどうですか!
There is no way people can resist eating Nachos while looking at the moon. Enjoy our Nachos!

26 IKEUCHI KITCHEN (いけうちきっちん)
We AIU students dedicate French Fries o Mr. Ikeuchi, studying abroad in Singapore.

27 TORI-鶏―
TORI -Chicken- 16期EAP2Aが送るチキンナゲット! お好きなソースをつけてお食べください!
EAP2A’s freshmen are offering chicken nuggets! Try to eat them with the sauces you like!

28 ふりふりポップコーン
Let’s shake popcorn!
HAPPLE (Happy People in Akita) クラブのポップコーンはいろんな味が楽しめますよ! 1つ150円、2つで200円です!
Enjoy popcorn with all kinds of seasonings at our store! Come and check them out!

29 餅つき
Pounding rice cake
Intercultural Affairs Committee からはお餅つき体験をお届けします! 無料で、つきたてのお餅を食べませんか?
Hello! We are the Intercultural Affairs Committee. You can experience pounding rice cake and eat it fore free! Let’s enjoy Japanese culture!

30 チャットカフェ「すだち」
Sudachi (Café)
No sales of food and drink. We will offer a place where parents gather and share information with tea and sweets from Akita.