This year will mark the 16th AIU Festival.
Different from the theme of last year’s festival, which was representing each student’s unique personality, this year all the students will work as one to liven up the festival with the theme of “Japan.”


This year’s AIU Festival theme is:

和風、日本風といったコンセプトのもとで人と人との調和、ハーモニーが奏でられることを願って十六夜 -あいうのいろは-という学祭テーマになりました。

Because the concept of Japan as a theme for the festival has not been emphasized often, for this year’s AIU Festival we came back to “harmony” as a characteristic of Japanese culture. The theme of this year’s festival is Izayoi, or a sixteen-day-old moon.

新しい時代「令和」を迎えるにあたって、昨年度の第十五回という区切りからの出発ということでAIU祭の新しい幕開けをイメージしつつ、Japanese を前面にだして学祭を盛り上げていきます。

On the AIU festival there will be a full moon, so we chose “Izayoi” which describes harmony and circle, and represented the excitement and deep emotion of a full moon rising.
We have welcomed the new era of “Reiwa”, and so while imagining the beginning of a new era from the ending of last year’s 15th AIU Festival, we will display “Japanese” at the forefront and invigorate the festival.