No distance! Comedy show ~For the AIU Festival~

The famous Japanese comedians Yonsen-Toshin (四千頭身) and Churanpetto(チュランペット), are joining the AIU festival online!


 Under the conditions of the global pandemic, Akita International University is still under its complete online operation. With this being said, the AIU Festival is challenging its first-ever online festival!

 Is an online festival even fun? If you have any sorts of doubts like that, don't worry!

 This year, we will have Japanese comediansToshin (四千頭身) and Churanpetto(チュランペット)as our special guests for the AIU Festival!

With the powers of these two comedians, the 17th AIU Festival will be a blast! The details are written below, so please take a look!

Don't miss it!

Their video will be released on YouTube from noon, 12 o'clock on the 10th of October.

 The link to the YouTube video will be posted on this page, so please wait until the 10th for more details.

 To make this a fun experience for everyone, we have some precautions that we need you to follow.



  • 動画内で発表されたキーワードとあなたのお名前(ニックネーム可)をお送りください。

  • キーワードとお名前を、まで送った方は、応募完了となります。

  • お一人につき、1応募となっている。

  • 出願期限:10月10日(土)の14時が締め切りとなっています。

  • 当選者の発表時期:10月17日(土)の正午12時から連絡いたします。


  • ご連絡先等のお預かりした個人情報は、サイン抽選会のために必要な範囲で利用します。

  • お預かりした個人情報を、第三者に提供することは一切ございません。

企画者:AIU祭実行委員会 執行部

【Precautions and Prohibitions】

 The 17th AIU Festival is being held entirely online. 

We will have a YouTube video uploaded for you to enjoy. Please wait until the big day!

We will not archive the video. 

Once you miss out on watching the video from 12 o'clock, the video will be deleted from YouTube. 

Also,We prohibit all screenshots and recordings of the video. 

In addition,unauthorized copying and replication is strictly prohibited. 

A fast and steady internet environment is required to enjoy the video. 

Please avoid places with weak internet, and view the video in an environment with the appropriate Wi-fi conditions. (avoiding objects in between the router and device, avoiding places with many people, reducing the number of devices using the same Wi-fi, are some example approaches that can be taken) 

Even if there are any troubles watching videos due to the internet environment, please note that the committee will not take any responsibility.

 As a reference, below are the recommended environments for watching YouTube 

・Having the use of the latest operating system AND having a good internet connection. 

・Having the use of the latest versions of browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Safari, or Opera 

・Having a connection of more than 500 Kbps for the internet.

 Lastly, unauthorized copying and replication of the contents of this site and video are strictly prohibited. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.