The AIU Contest Club currently has 7 members, and we are constantly challenging ourselves to try new things and discovering the many stars that are hidden at AIU! The friendship and uniquity of our members is like no other!

ミーティング 日常・場所

毎週金曜日 20:00-21:00

Location: D201


えあこんのお仕事内容/Our Jobs


In short, our job is to prepare for the AIU contest and to manage the day of the contest. In preparation, we decide costumes, decorations, etc., so that contestants can give their best performances. We also work as a manager to support the contestants until the day of the contest. We also think about what kind of project, in what form, and on what scale, and create the project from scratch. On the day of the contest, we also work behind the scenes to make the AIU contest a success. It is just like being a concert staff member!



AIU Contest Department is a group of unique and kind people. We are people who can appreciate each other’s individuality and enhance each other’s skills. In the regular meetings of the club, there is an atmosphere in which everyone can share their opinions, and discussions are lively. We can learn various values and branches, and share many experiences with each other.



Somwone who wants to develop and create a project from scratch. We also recommend AIU Contest Club to those who like to exchange opinions and have discussions with various people. Of course, we also have a fashion show, so those who are interested in clothes and design are also welcome! Of course, people who do not fall into any of these categories are also welcome! The AIU Contest Club is a club that anyone can enjoy!

Intoducing the head of the Executive Department


Name: Haruya Nozato
Birthplace: Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture
club: AIU Contest Club, Table Tennis Club, Executive Committee
Type of Entrance Examination: GAKKOUSUISEN
Country of interest: Malta



Congratulations to all the new students on your matriculation! In my opinion, AIU is a university full of many challenges and accomplishments. Among them, AIU Contest Club is challenging many things in cooperation with my friends everyday for the AIU Contest. Why don’t you join the AIU Contest Club as a place where you can challenge yourself in your one and only university life? The sense of accomplishment you get when you successfully complete the AIU Contest is unforgettable!

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