The tech department is one of the most creative clubs in the AIU School Festival Committee. During the school festival, we move around the campus, take photos and create a final video to show in the closing ceremony, bringing every audience to tears. Our activities go beyond the school festival. We shoot the moments of performances done by clubs at AIU. Also, if the person in front of you owns a camera, the person is a Tech member for sure (around 90%.)

ミーティング 日時・場所

毎週木曜日 21:00~22:00



Tech部のお仕事内容/Our Jobs


We create a short movie and a slideshow, the collection of all the photos we take during the festival, to screen at the closing ceremony. We regularly take photos of other clubs’ performances and edit videos to improve our skills.



We are a club where we help each other out to be more skilled and smiling all the time. Since we spend a lot of time together doing things like filming, editing, and regular meetings, we naturally become friends with both our seniors and classmates. In the Tech Club, you can work hard with friends who like cameras and editing and aim to improve their skills. Furthermore, since we are basically a gathering of people who love having fun, we hold regular dinner parties. All of the club members are unique and free-spirited, and the manager has a wry smile, but he is also a strong individual.


写真撮影や動画編集に興味がある人はもちろん、新しいことを始めたい人や、先輩・同期と仲良くなりたい人にもおすすめです。 また、スライドショーなど音楽に合わせた動画を作ることもあるので、音楽が好きな人にもおすすめです!

Tech club is recommended for people who are interested in photography and video editing, as well as people who want to start something new and meet seniors and other students. Also, since we create slideshows and other videos with music, Tech club is also recommended for people who love music!







Name:Kanae Takahashi


Clubs I’m in:AIU Festival Tech Department, Hand Sign Circle

How I entered AIU:Type B

A country I want to visit:Sweden


新入生の皆さん、入学おめでとうございます。 私たちTech部改め技術部は、皆さんの1度きりしかない大学生活の一瞬を写真に収めることで、思い出作りに協力しています。その過程で、私を含め部員自身も、新たな人と出会い、成長し、たくさんの思い出を作ってきました。この大学では、学祭の運営に関わることができるのは1,2年生の間のみですが、Techを通じて手に入れた仲間や友人との関係、Techでの思い出はその後まで続いていきます。皆さんも、私たちと一緒に思い出を形に残しませんか?Tech部一同、D101で皆さんに会えるのを楽しみにしています!

Congratulations and welcome to AIU. We, the members of Tech Department (revised as the Technology Department), are helping you create memories by taking photos of the once-in-a-lifetime moments of your university life. Throughout the process, the club members will meet new people, grow ourselves, and make many memories. At this university, students are allowed to be involved in the management of the school festival only during their first and second years. Yet, the relationships with people we become friends with through Tech, as well as the memories we make at Tech, will last after that. Would you like to make memories together with us? The whole Tech team is looking forward to seeing you at D101!

SNS等/Contact information

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